1. Features
    • ShadowGlideTM - Brilliant engineering and a clever collaboration of working parts allow the Shadowspec SerenityTM to open in one smooth motion. Use as little as 1 finger to deploy your umbrella in 3 seconds.
    • ShadowLiiftTM - The gas-piston assisted lift allows for ease of use and removes the need for internal componentry that can break and ruin your day in the sun.
    • ShadowLockTM - The integrated wind-protection and umbrella rotation system allows for all-day protection from the elements and 360-degree rotation of the umbrellas.
    • ShadowHub - The central hub features a built-in LED light that’s easily controlled with an optional smart battery. Perfect for evening enjoyment of the outdoors.
  2. Marketing / Dream
    • The Serenity has been designed & manufactured in New Zealand from marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel to stand up in all conditions. Every component has been built to work in total harmony with one another to give customers a premium, effortless experience, every time.
    • Get inspired to create a comfortable & usable shade for every social occasion.
    • The SerenityTM is a great solution to outdoor shade. Designed as a modular system from its first iterations and drawings, this shade umbrella is a thoughtful centrepiece of any enjoyable outdoor space.
    • We’ve got a premier selection of Sunbrella fabrics that give you on-trend options for your umbrella. We’ve also selected a range of trend colours that you can use to instantly transform your space. You can also choose your own custom colour from the full Sunbrella Range.
    • With 25 years of accrued knowledge, the brilliant design of the umbrella is unmatched in the industry and with that, we’re able to offer industry-leading warranties to give you peace of mind in your purchase.
    • It’s important that you can mount your umbrella wherever you choose and the selection of mounting options are as well designed as the umbrellas.
  3. Technical Copy - Product Working
    • There are no internal moving parts, pullies, ropes or old-school crank or winding handles in the Shadowspec UnityTM. Just click the ShadowGlideTM handle and slide it up, with one finger if you wish, it’s that easy.
    • The combination of the gas-strut and patented sliding mechanism allows for the UnityTM to be deployed or retracted in 3 seconds.
    • The UnityTM comes fully assembled in one box. Just put it on your mount and attach the canopy.
    • The canopies are easy to affix with eight stainless steel hex bolts holding it to the frame.
  4. Big Body
    • The Shadowspec SerenityTM rotating cantilever umbrella evokes comfort and elegance in any location. Rotating 360-degrees with multiple locking positions give an unrivalled collaboration of wind-resistance and useability.
    • The Shadowspec SerenityTM is supplied in a range of sizes, configurations and fixing options to give you the ability to experiment with exciting and fresh outdoor shade designs.
    • The built-in LED light in the centre of each hub can be operated via the optional smart battery and phone app.

Our Work - Shadowspec SerenityTM